Bastion Coming To PC


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Supergiant Games have announced that award winning indie Action-RPG Xbox Live Arcade title Bastion will be released on the PC August 16th.

Bastion challenges gamers to build a new world after a disastrous event shatters the land to pieces. As gamers travel into the unknown, they will battle savage beasts, forge an array of customisable weapons and collect new powers from specially-brewed spirits as they become amazed by the games awesome high detail, rich atmosphere.

The game, which will offer high resolution graphics and a new PC control scheme is available to pre-order on Steam and will be priced at £14.99. The game will also make it’s way to other PC portals later in the month. It will also offer Steamworks support for Cloud saves and achievements. There will also be leaderboards however this will only be for the Steam version.

Bastion will also offer support for gamepad controllers.

You can pre-order Bastion on Steam by clicking HERE

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