Batman: Arkham Origins PS3 Exclusive Knightfall Pack Revealed


We have some details for you now regarding the PlayStation exclusive Knightfall pack for Batman: Arkham Origins, thanks to the chaps at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The knightfall pack comes containing the following:

  • Knightfall Batman Skin
  • Classic TV Series Batman Skin
  • 5 challenge maps

ll be able to fight Bane, Venom users, and Blackgate prisoners in a crime-ridden Gotham City, where Bane’s forces have seized control of several key locations where only Batman can stop them. Fight your way through three combat maps, stealth across two predator maps, and push yourself to the breaking point in a new challenge campaign.

A trailer for the Knightfall pack has also been released. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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