Battlefield 3 Beta Keys Sent To Origin Players Today


Those who pre-ordered Battlefield 3 through Origin will today be getting their beta keys today.

The beta keys will be sent today around lunchtime. It is not just origin players that will be getting multiplayer beta keys as those who own Medal Of Honor Limited Edition will also be getting their beta keys sometime today.

Battlefield 3 Developer Gustav Halling explained:

“Please don’t ask about ‘when do I get my email’ etc, We don’t know. This is an automated system that sends a bunch out every hour starting around lunch today”

He has also explained via his twitter that players do not need to have the disc for Medal Of Honor, they just have to enter the online code on their account.

Battlefield 3 is set to be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 28th.

Source: CVG

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