Battlefield 3 'Close Quarters' DLC Coming June


Battlefield 3 will be getting three new themed downloadable expansions, with the first one ‘Close Quarters’ coming in June.

The expansions will offer new weapons and vehicles that can be used across the entire game. New multiplayer maps will also be part of the upcoming DLC packs.

Also, console players will get a rent-a-server programme that allows them to run dedicated game servers that can be customised with their own rules and preferences. This is a console first for any shooting game.

The first add-on pack ‘Close Quarters’ and is focused on up-close and personal indoor infantry combat with verticality to the map designs. PlayStation 3 gamers will get it one week early and will have access to 10 new weapons and four new maps.  It is described as being hectic and intense. The map that was demonstrated at EA’s GDC event was called Ziba Tower.

The second add on- will be called Armored Kill. This expansion focuses on tank combat and will offer the Battlefield series’ biggest map ever. It will also feature one new vehicle for use in the third game. This DLC has not yet been given a release date.

The third and final DLC will be called End Game. No details regarding this pack have yet been revealed.

Are you looking forward to these DLC packs? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: Eurogamer

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