Battlefield 4 Preview


I can’t help but feel that the general gaming populace are yet to soak up every inch of entertainment Battlefield 3 has to offer, but here we are at E3 with fully playable multiplayer for Battlefield 4. The end result is probably as you would expect. This is Battlefield, bigger, badder and more destructible.

The single player trailer that we saw not too long ago might have taken some stick, but when it comes to multiplayer the large scale open warfare is completely intact. Staples of the series, such as the great feeling weapons and the ability to reward all play styles are in full effect. Feel like hopping in a tank? Then do so, feel like defending a point, go ahead. Want to be a headless chicken and slaughter everything in your path? The world is yours. Although, your teammates might have a few choice words for you after.

Seeing the destructibility running at 60fps is something to behold though. That and the added verticality that has been added to the level we played on (same as the demo in the EA conference) brings a whole new feel and strategy to proceedings. Owning the skies is now that much more important, as vantage points allow you to control points with deadly precision. One can only hope that all maps in the game are designed with such grandiose scale. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to touch the commander mode, but there is plenty of time for that. Right now, veterans can sleep soundly knowing their experience is intact and most definitely better when it comes to Battlefield 4, even at this early stage.

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