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Battlefield V (5) has officially been announced today during a special live reveal event hosted by Trevor Noah. During the event members of DICE spoke about a bunch of stuff coming to Battlefield V alongside announcing a release date of October 19th (16th for Deluxe Edition and 11th for EA Access members). You can check out the full reveal below.

Battlefield V is officially heading back to WWII, however, it’s focused on showing some of the lesser known conflicts during the war. These conflicts will play out over a number of different game modes, at least not in Untold Stories, a single-player campaign that is set to return from Battlefield 1, with whole new stories of course.

Co-op is also returning to Battlefield in BFV allowing you and up to 3 pals join together to carry out a number of specialist missions. You can expect to do things like paratrooping behind enemy lines to gain intel and the whole mode has a risk/reward mechanic to it. Do you head further behind enemy lines to get better gear or extract early before being killed? One of the big features of Battlefield V is its customisation options for your squad and you’ll be unlocking all manner of cosmetic items whilst playing the game. You can see some of the customisations in the launch trailer below, which shows off a section of this new co-op game mode.

With a game so heavily focused on squad customisation and collectable outfits, weapon skins and vehicles you’d assume it will be swarming with loot boxes. Fortunately, that’s not the case. It appears as though DICE has learned from the backlash from Star Wars Battlefront 2 as there won’t be a loot crate in sight. There will, however, still be some form of in-game purchases but this will be for purely cosmetic items. But one great piece of news is that all major DLC will be released for free post-launch. This is great as anyone who purchases the game will be able to play on new maps and new game modes without spending a penny.

Operations are also returning in Battlefield V in the form of Grand Operations. Operations in Battlefield 1 were large-scale conflicts that took place over a number of different stages in one map. It was an attack/defense game mode which pushed the action into new sections of the map should the defensive team fail to hold back the attack. Grand Operations looks to follow a similar style of gameplay on a much greater scale. Grand Operations was described as a fight taking place over 4-days. On the first day the attackers will need to break defense and push into the next area of the map. This would lead to a 2nd day of further conflict with casualties carrying over from the first day. Ammo is also said to be scarce as the conflict nears its final stand on the 4th day. It sounds quite an interesting concept and one that fits into the games immersive and gritty style of gameplay.

The trailer, whilst quite short, also showed off some of the new gameplay tweaks coming to Battlefield V. Player movement is getting a massive overhaul with all kinds of fancy moves you can pull off. Reverse prone, scrambling, using walls as cover, it all makes for what looks to be some intense gameplay. Throw in the occasional mud splat on the screen and you’ve got yourself one hell of an immersive experience.

So that’s Battlefield V. It’s got co-op, awesome sounding Grand Operations and a whole new set of untold stories. Sign me up!

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