BBC iPlayer 3 Coming To The PS3


BBC’s Simon Cross who was speaking to Techradar during a Facebook Developer Garage in London has said that the BBC iPlayer will be getting an update for the PS3 with the iPlayer 3 coming later in the year but although at present, no release date has been announced. Cross has said that new functionality would be coming to the updated version of the iPlayer which includes a new addition called a ‘For You’ section which recommends shows you might be interested in. He also stated that there will also be more social network functionality but Techrader isnt sure if this will mean that the likes of Facebook and Twitter will be incorporated into the iPlayer 3.

Cross also reveals in the interview that the BBC are still trying to work around the situation of having the iPlayer 3 use the PSN’s sign in or to incorporate its own sign in system.

“We don’t know whether to integrate it with the PSN signing in process or do something new,” Cross explained.

The iPlayer has been a great addition for the PS3 since it was launched and with very positive comments and feedback since the iPlayer 3 BETA started just over 3 weeks ago, it sounds like this could well be another great little update for the PS3.

More on this as we have it.

Big thanks to Techradar for the article.

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