BBC iPlayer Coming Today On Xbox LIVE


Microsoft have announced that the BBC iPlayer will be releasing today on the Xbox 360.

The application will be rolled out throughout the course of the day and is expected to be available to all UK gamers by the end of today. Microsoft had demoed the new application to press at a media briefing in London yesterday. The standard interface has been built with Microsoft’s Metro user interface design and also Kinect integration.

Kinect users will be able to navigate the BBC iPlayer by waving their hand about or by using their voice. The application also outputs in HD which is available to enable within the player.

The service is free to all Xbox 360 users who have either Gold or Free (Silver) Xbox LIVE. It is the only UK content provider that makes it programmes free to all Xbox 360 users in the UK.

Will you be getting the BBC iPlayer? Let us know how you find the application via the comment section below.

Source: Eurogamer

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