Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise Release Date Announced


Nintendo have announced that the quirky rhythm-based action title, Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise will launch across Europe for the Nintendo Wii on July 6th.

Whether its playing golf with mandrill or controlling a flowerpot-punching karate man, players must do it in time to the beat in order to win. The craziness occurring on screen must not distract players from the music because keeping the rhythm is what counts. If players stop to look what is going on they won’t be disappointed as each of the 50 rhythm games also has their own short story will features the classic humour of Rhythm Paradise in a European exclusive. Players will also be able to switch between the English and Japanese  soundtracks which feature may musical styles.

Losing the rhythm means the players will lose the game but the controls are really easy to pick up. Players will press the A Button or the A Button and B Button together although half the fun is learning how to master each situation. Beginners won’t be stuck for long due to the new features that will allow them to check the correct performance of the song in order to master the required rhythm.

Some of the games can also be played via the co-op mode where you will play together and master the different rhythms. The more compatible you are, the higher you and your friend will score. If players are feeling competitive, they can challenge a friend tom play one of the Endless Dual Games. The game will then become progressively harder which will test you and your friend’s rhythm skills.

Let us know if you plan on getting this game via the comment section below.

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