Beyond: Two Souls 'Very Different From Heavy Rain'


Quantic Dream head David Cage has promised that his upcoming title, Beyond: Two Souls will be very different to Heavy Rain and that the game will surprise people.

In an interview with the PS Blog David Cage stated:

“The game is very different from Heavy Rain, probably much more than people can imagine, What we showed at E3 was in fact a working version based on the same interface as Heavy Rain, but it is not the final interface of the game.”

“It’s a balance that will be a little different from Heavy Rain, where we [were] really aiming for the atmosphere of a psychological thriller. Beyond, of course, will also have these components of emotion, depth of characters, strong moments, but there will also be a more epic, dramatic dimension,”

“For people who trust us and who loved Heavy Rain – we will surprise you, we will give you something you expect without even knowing that you were expecting it, I think it will be a real experience. We believe in it and we’re working hard for it. We are really surprised every day to see the game being born on the screens; it’s a real treat and a real surprise. I hope it has the same effect on the players.”

Are you looking forward to Cage’s latest title? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: CVG

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