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Cometh The Hour Cometh The Game (Updated)


Anticipation for a next-gen FIFA is at an all-time high and most of us are anxiously awaiting a snippet at tonight’s PlayStation 2013 Meeting where the PS Orbis will be announced.

It’s a safe bet that EA will be one of the 3rd party partners that will demo some next-gen gaming art at the event. We expect big hitters like FIFA, Madden, Battlefield and Need For Speed to all make an appearance in glorious style. Don’t be surprised if EA provide specific details on franchise titles will all be linked across your various (Sony) platforms with deeper integration of the revamped PlayStation Network/World.

News has reached us from sources in other territories that FIFA 14 details have been presented internally at EA Partners (Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo) specifically focused on the current generation hardware. Although no specific details were provided to us, we are hopeful for some major improvements that are focused on addressing some of the fundamental problems with game modes in FIFA 13.

In the meantime, we look forward to hearing your hope and wishes for tonight’s Sony event in New York. Will EA show us something special?

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