Big ol Super Mario Maker update lands this week


A Link to the Past

A brand-new update is coming to Super Mario Maker 2 this week (December 5th if you’re into technicalities). The new update brings with it some new course parts including P-Blocks, Dash Blocks and Frozen Coins (something, something, cold hard cash). There are also two new enemies which means I finally have the official name for the stacked sand bollocks (Pokey)!

But if that wasn’t enough, the game is also introducing The Master Sword. Yep. Once wielded, you’ll take the form of Link and unlock a bunch of cool moves including blocking with your shield, use of the bow and arrow, bomb-throwing and sword swinging. This addition will allow folks to really shake-up their course creations and I’m sure we’ll get some crazy remakes of the original TLOZ before too long.

This, of course, comes to the game for free and will be available to download this Thursday, 5th December!

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