BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 1 Out Now


Episode 1 for the BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea is out now, announced by the guys at 2K games and Irrational Games.

Episode 1 is the second add-on content pack for the award-winning BioShock Infinite, and features Booker and Elizabeth in a film noir-style story that places them in a shining Rapture on the eve of its fall from grace.

It is available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC costing £11.99 or also comes part of the season pass which costs £15.99. The season pass contains £27 of playable content for £15.99, including both Burial at Sea episodes, the previously released Clash in the Clouds add-on pack, as well as the Early Bird Special Pack that has powerful weapon upgrades, exclusive gold weapon skins and infusion bottles to upgrade player abilities.

Ken Levine, creative director of Irrational Games stated:

It’s been particularly rewarding to return to Rapture with Booker and Elizabeth, We were inspired by both Columbia’s and Rapture’s storylines, and merged them into something new. The icing on the cake is seeing the BioShock Infinite team build entirely new sections of the underwater city in the Infinite engine.

The launch trailer has also been released. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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