Bit.Trip Runner 2 Delayed Until November


Eurogamer have been notified by Gaijin Games that upcomig PSN and XBLA title Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2 has been delayed until November.

It has been due for release early 2012 but has now been pushed back until November which is also nearer the launch of the Wii U which is due by the end of 2012. Gaijin Games co-founder Mike Roush explained that a Wii U version was a distinct possibility:

“My guess is we will always be with Nintendo,Everyone at Gaijin Games is a Nintendo fanboy, so we will most likely continue that relationship in the future.”

Rouse also confirmed that Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2 is just over a third complete.

Are you unhappy with the delay? Would you like to see a Wii U version? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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