BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend To Be A PS Vita Launch Title


Arc System Works and PQube have announced that their upcoming fighting game, BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend will be a PS Vita launch title.

It will also be coming out on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 22nd, so those who are not getting Sony’s latest handheld can still get their hands on the game.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend includes the original roster of fighters along with all the exclusive DLC characters, such as Makoto, Valkenhayn R Hellsing and Platinum the Trinity. The game will also include a new character called Relius Clover and his robotic pupper Ignis.

Will you be getting this on the Vita, or the home consoles? Let us know your thoughts via the comments section below.

Source: CVG

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