BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Vita on Special Offer


Arc System Works and PQube have announced that BlazBlue Conitunuum Shift Extend is now on Special Offer for the PlayStation Vita via the PlayStation Store at a cut price of £19.99.

PlayStation Plus members can also take advantage with an additional discount which makes the title cost just £16.99.

The series is renowned for the stunning high definition 2D artwork and incredible animation, unmatched in its quality and fluidity and the latest title continues to impress critics and fans alike thanks to the depth of gameplay, deep storyline and memorable characters.

The main features of the game include:

  • Both ‘Calamity Trigger’ and ‘Continuum Shift’ sagas for a truly epic single player story experience.
  • A roster of 19 wildly diverse characters, where no two combatants play the same – each with their own individual stories.
  • Innovative fast paced fighting system and ‘Drive’ button which imbues each character with special powers – from magnetism and freezing ice attacks to the ability to control the wind or call on insects to attack!
  • Acclaimed suite of tutorials and challenges that details strategies and techniques for absolute beginners to more advanced players.
  • 12 unique game modes – including RPG/Survival hybrid, Abyss Mode, and the intense challenge of Unlimited Mars. BlazBlue offers a staggering wealth of single player content.
  • Widely praised as having one of the finest online matchmaking experiences of any fighting game.

Let us know if you will be getting the game at the discounted price via the comment section below.

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