Blinkbox: Coming To The PS3


PC streaming service Blinkbox have announced that they plan to bring a PS3 designed version of its service to the console.

The service will allow UK users to download a selection of films from 99p each and TV dramas such as Gossip Girls and Heroes for around 39p, with films available to keep from £2.99.  The Blinkbox webpage has been designed to automatically resizes for the best fit on any TV screen – whether you’re watching on a 50? plasma or a 15? CRT, so a good viewing experience is to be expected.

“The PS3 is the first of a number of devices to which we will be bringing Blinkbox, enabling customers to use our service on their TVs for instant streaming of new blockbuster movies – available on the same day as their release on DVD – as well as a growing library of free ad-supported titles” said the company’s CEO Michael Comish.

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