Bodycount Demo Available Now On Xbox LIVE


You’ve watched the “Behind the Bullets” videos and been fairly impressed, but what you really want to do is get your hands on the game yourself, right? Well, your wish is Codemasters command, as they have just released a Bodycount demo on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Before you rush off to your Xbox 360 though, we suggest reading the following information regarding the demo taken from the official press release. Also, check out the trailer too!

Set in the early stages of Bodycount’s African missions, players will assume the role of a Network Operative dropped into a chaotic warzone, tasked with tracking down a militia warlord responsible for massacring an army unit. Players, equipped with a turbo-charged arsenal of weapons including the G36 SMG, Super 90 Shotgun, grenades and proximity mines, must engage forces from all sides in blistering-paced gun-fights set amongst a shanty town.

Encouraged to be aggressive in play-style and liberal when it comes to pulling the trigger, players will shred their way through destructible cover as they battle class-based AI including medics who revive fallen foes and a powerful Psycho Tank.  Players can augment their already powerful weapon set by collecting Intel from downed enemies which can then be exchanged on the fly for devastating explosive rounds, one of the game’s four upgrades, which also include airstrikes and adrenaline shots.

By completing combat chains and performing skill kills like headshots and kills through cover, players can earn extra Intel and will be rewarded with a higher score at the end of the mission. To add extra replayability, stats tracking player performance and an overall grade are issued at the end of the mission.  In the game’s Bodycount mode players can replay all completed levels to improve their score.


Bodycount is set to be released on August 28th in North America, and September 2nd everywhere else.

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