Atari re-enters the console market with Ataribox


Back in the game

A little while ago Atari teased a return to the console scene with the new Ataribox. Very little was announced in the 1-minute video because, you know, it was a teaser but we now have some extra information. Kind of.

Throwback physique

The Ataribox is indeed a new console meaning this is the first time in 20-years since Atari released a new piece of hardware, a heritage that isn’t forgotten in the design of the new console. The Ataribox will be released in two variants; black and red and black and wood, with the latter, caked in throwback design of the Atari 2600. Each box comes packed with an HDMI port, 1 SD card slot and 4 USB ports. Not a lot else has been released regarding the internal makeup of the Ataribox. We’ll have to wait a little longer for that.

More than just retro

Atari have however released a bit of information about the content we can expect on the boxes. The Ataribox will allow gamers to play the old classics alongside current content. Whether that means current Atari titles on mobile, PC, who knows? It could also mean that first-party games will be released exclusively on the console. This is all speculative at the moment but it could add purchase incentive when the console releases. Speculation aside, due to the Atari branding, it’s safe to assume the Ataribox will be more akin to the NES and SNES mini rather than an open platform.

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