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Breaking News: New PES 2010 Video Tonight!


Courtesy of those special lot at Jeux Video Network. They really are pulling out all the stops this year!

Here’s a rough translation on their article:

PES 2010: a new video tonight

We continue to explore the world of PES since 2010 tonight with a brand new video with new Seabass in person.

Be ready on the stroke of 00.00 (with a few minutes near, do not be too impatient), so you can discover a whole new video. If we allow the surprise to discover that it contains, be aware that Seabass is present in person to disclose new information on the much anticipated Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. Be present when the ring twelve strokes of midnight!

Much love to ThomasGOAL for this one!

Dont. Miss. It.

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