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Buckle Up…


As PES 2011 anticipation grows by the day, the community is feeling news is imminent. From the hints on Jon Murphy’s twitter account, to the general consensus amongst the PES fans, we are in for a quite a week.

Despite what you might think, or what the competitor might want you to believe, PES is very much alive and kicking. While forums around the globe aren’t exactly getting heated up at the prospect of an announcement, it’s fever-pitch on the WENB boards.

Besides the Copa Libertadores license acquisition, no other PES 2011 news has been announced. Despite this, we’re already past 2000 posts in the dedicated threads, with over 40,000 views in them too! PES most certainly isn’t dead in these parts.

So a word of warning then, I suggest you prepare yourself for a further acceleration of community involvement. With this much faith and oodles of passion, it’s over to Konami to reward the faithful, and win back the fans.

Buckle up, we’re in for a crazy ride!

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