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Bugs, Glitches and Other Shenanigans


FIFA 13 has been out for a little while now, certainly long enough for people to find issues with it and notify watchdog about them…

So if you’ve found any, let us know about them too.

We initially thought that Career Mode locks were limited to early access through season ticket, but it seems that’s not the case. There’s three fixes we’ve heard of so far:

  • Move the save file to the cloud and open it from there.
  • Delete your gameface
  • Create a new save file, save to it, delete that save file and re open the original.

They’re just some that we’ve heard from Twitter, we’ve not used them ourselves so your mileage may vary.

Additionally we’ve heard about the problem with FIFA Points not being credited to accounts (although we’ve bought and used FIFA points with no issue) and the usual server lag/crash stuff, we’ll have to wait for a comment from EA about those.

There’s also a problem with the game locking at the “Updating EAS FC Catalogue” screen, so you can’t even get to the menus. I don’t know how widespread it is but I know of at least one person who’s experiencing it because it’s me. Unbelievable really. As I post this, I can’t play FIFA at all. I’ve tried deleting my existing EASFC Cataolgue files from my hard drive, clearing my xbox cache, rebooting, but it locks every single time I try to load FIFA 13. If anyone knows of a fix for that, I’d be eternally grateful.

*EDIT* I’ve since resolved this problem, by deleting my UGC file of all things. Creation Centre content strikes again! No idea how CC content is related to the EASFC Catalogue but there you have it. There’s an alternative fix here: http://answers.ea.com/t5/FIFA-13/Updating-EAS-FC-Catalogue/td-p/84164

Anyway… Please just post problems with things not working as intended, not gripes or wants. and please be as descriptive and as specific as possible.

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