Bulletstorm: Details Emerge


The latest issue of Game Informer included a batch of new information on the recently announced Bullet Storm, the new title from Epic Games being developed by the Polish studio People Can Fly. In the article we learn how the game’s skill shot system works along with some creative combat.

The main character Grayson Hunt is part of a group called Dead Echo that runs secret missions to maintain galactic peace. Through a number of plot twists, Grayson leaves the group and becomes a drunken space pirate who ends up crash landing on the planet Stygia. This former vacation destination is now a ruined utopia overrun by gangs and predatory plant life.

The combat is based around a “skillshot” system that awards players points for killing their targets creatively. The points are visible on screen, meaning that a headshot will cause a little “+50” to float above the victim’s head after he’s been dispersed. The article describes numerous types of kill combinations using the environment and executions. Players spend their accumulated points to upgrade Grayson’s abilities.

Along with the guns, players have access to an energy whip that can be used to latch onto enemies and pull them closer, or it can be upgraded to slam into the ground and send helpless enemies into the air. Grayson also has a kick and a ground slide that also sends foes airborne. Each of these actions activates a bit of bullet-time that allows for more kills and more precise kills.

As for the guns, they can be upgraded using points as well, turning an average machine gun into something capable of firing 100 bullets in a single shot. The article also describes a “flail gun” which shoots two grenades tethered together by a chain. This odd projectile can wrap around cover, bind someone’s limbs, or simply blow them to hell.

Despite the main character Grayson Hunt having a cyborg side kick named Ishi Soto there won’t be co-op. People Can Fly has promised other online components that they aren’t talking about that just yet. The Game Informer article closes out by describing a boss battle with an enemy likened to a giant venus fly trap, in which the developers talk about shooting for a scale comparable to Uncharted 2.

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