Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Review


What is the main thing you look for in a game? Entertainment? Well oh my god, this game has it. From the moment I started it I was hooked.

Reviewed by: Matt Golding

Game: Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition
Developer: People Can Fly, Epic Games
Publisher: EA, Gearbox
Reviewed On: PS4 (Review code provided by publisher)

You may remember the original version back in 2011, and the story hasn’t changed; it still takes place in the 26th century where the universe is run by the confederation of planets. The main character Grayson Hunt is the leader of Dead Echo, a black ops team commanded by General Sarrano. When Graysons team followed Sarrano’s orders and assassinated an alleged criminal known as Bryce Novak, they immediately discovered that Novak was a civilian reporter documenting civilian deaths, which were caused by Dead Echo. Grayson and his team went on the run from Sarrano and his forces…

Ten years later Grayson and his team of space pirates spot Sarrano’s battle cruiser the Ulysses, and in a drunken state he decides to attack and ram the battle cruiser. Grayson’s ship crash lands on the planet Stygia where there are many mutants. With his only surviving team member Ishi, who’s wounded, he has cybernetics inserted into his body to save his life. During the operation the mutants attacked and left Ishi looking like an odd version of the Terminator. Grayson and Ishi’s main objective now is to get off this mutant-infested planet, but they soon find out that Sarrano is also on the planet Stygia.

This is a first-person shooter where all you need to do is point and shoot; you get a different variation of weapons which you can upgrade and not only collect ammo from the dead mutants but buy ammo for the bosses, and trust me you going to need lots of ammo at certain points. Not long after crash landing on the planet Stygia Grayson finds a device called a Leash which unleashes a rope of energy to pull heavy objects and even enemies so you can make some great kills.

The great thing about Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is that you can earn points by killing the mutants and points help you upgrade your weapons or even buy more ammo. You can kill enemies in all sorts of different ways and get such a varied amount of points depending on how kill them.

Lets have a chat about some of the differences this re-release has got; well visually it looks so much better, a lot more crisp and colourful which adds a lot to the game. It does have 4K potential if played on the PS4 Pro or a 4K enabled PC, This Full Clip Edition also comes with all the multiplayer maps and Echo challenges.

Now for the best part of this remastered version of Bulletstorm; you can now play as Duke Nukem. This addition is amazing as it adds loads of comedy to the game with the classic lines of Duke Nukem. To play as The Duke you do need the DLC which is free for everyone who has pre-ordered Bulletstorm but anyone else can purchase the DLC for a small fee. I would like to say that it is well worth it. Nukem takes the place of Grayson as the main character in the story which adds so many comedy moments to the story.

Another added extra to this remaster is an option called Overkill. When you complete the game the first time you can then decide to play again at a harder difficulty and use the Overkill mode, which means you can have every weapon in your loadout instead of just three.

I do have to say that this game has really got me hooked and I have enjoyed every moment of it, from completing the story to setting personal bests on the Echoe games. The big moment for me was when I swapped and played as Duke Nukem, the lines and puns brought back so many memories of playing those classic Duke Nukem games when I was young.


In conclusion I would highly recommend Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition to anyone who likes a good shooter. It’s so much fun with an easy, straight-forward story and the added bonus of playing as the class-act of everyone’s favourite Duke. The remastered version also offers a brilliant uplift on the graphics, the feel and the sound of the game which just adds to the enjoyable factor of this amazing shooter.

I do though have one bad point with bulletstorm and that is that it’s way too short and it could probably do with some added side missions to keep it alive a bit more. The Overkill mode is a great idea but it might get a bit tedious just doing the same story over and over.


Review by Matt ‘Maffoo’ Golding: @SirGolding

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