Burnout Crash Heading For iOS Devices


EA have confirmed that Criterion’s Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network title Burnout Crash, will be making its way to iOS very soon.

Burnout Crash was a new direction for the Burnout Series. Instead of the usual rear camera view of previous games, Burnout Crash tilts the camera to a bird’s eye view and tasks the player with causing as much havoc as possible in a whole bunch of oncoming traffic.

The iOS version is said to include all the features we got our hands on in the console version. We’ll have all three game modes (Road Trip, Rush Hour and Pile Up) aswell as the 18 traffic junctions and an extra six (unique to the iOS Version) locations included too.

EA have confirmed the game for release sometime around the holiday season.

Will you be giving it a bash?

If you haven’t played the game at all yet, check out our review from last month by Mr Tom Mills HERE

Source – CVG

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