Cable Guys Marvel Spider-Man Phone & Controller Holder Review


Holds whatever a Spider can

This is technically my first time reviewing something that isn’t a game, unless you don’t count dire Steam-fodder horror toss Underdread as a game. Which I don’t. Still, this is Next Gen Base! We’ll review anything, except human organs or FIFA.

So, there’s a fairly decent range of these available from Cable Guys, including all the usual pop culture touchstones you’d expect like Deadpool, Ryu, Crash Bandicoot and so on. I’m always up for anything that makes my home more tidy, and trying to locate console controllers that were left on the arm of the sofa the night before can waste valuable gaming time when you’ve got two cats that think life is a constant challenge to move as many things as possible when humans are trying to sleep.

The Spider-Man bust we have here is a nice solution. It’s officially licensed of course, so you get a box with all the usual Marvel logos, as well as a nice webbing background and some millennial-ramble style instructions on what to do with it on the back. The package also comes with a 2 metre micro USB cable, which will do you nicely if you’ve got a PS4.

Can Spider-Man hold a Switch Pro controller???

The build quality is pretty solid on plastic Spidey. It feels weighty enough that it won’t be knocked down easily (it’s passed the cat test so far), but not so heavy that it’d put a dent in your desk if it fell over.

Can Spider-Man hold PS4 dualshock????
Yes, but it’s wonky 🙁

The detailing is especially nice; all the web patterning, spider chest logo and eye pieces are raised from the statue, and thirsty fans will be happy to know it’s got all Spidey’s muscles reproduced too. The bust is on a granite-looking pedestal which has some cracks in it to match the texture and feel of Spidey himself. It’s interesting as to why Spider-Man only gets a bust to hold your controller, whereas some of the other Cable Guy range give you a whole figurine. It has the effect of giving it a museum feel, rather than looking like an action figure, when he isn;t holding anything.

Can Spider-Man hold your Switch???

And what can Peter Parker’s alias hold? Well, he’s advertised as a phone and controller holder, so let’s start there. Of the current generation, the web-slinger got on best with the Switch Pro controller, which rested snugly in his muscular grip. I believe he’s also mainly designed for XBox pads; I don’t have one of those, but I’ll take their word for it that it fits snugly. Due to the shape of the analogue stick mounts, he has slightly more trouble with the PS4 dual shock, however. It sits slightly awkwardly unless you fiddle and painstakingly balance it. Which is odd, seeing as there are far more PS4s kicking around than XBox Ones.

Can Spider-Man hold a Chinese spyphone????

He’ll also look after your remote while it charges. This is a slight misstep by Cable Guys, however, as most controllers have the charging cable port on the top of the pad, as this is usually the bit pointing towards the TV and therefore represents the shortest distance for the cable. However, by plugging in your controller while Spidey lovingly holds it, you’ll find the cable obscures Spider-Man’s lovely face.

Can Spider-Man hold a Mega Drive Mega Games cartridge????

With this in mind, I’ll be using Spider-Man more as a holder for game pads rather than a charging station. It seems unfair to obstruct his view, even if he does have a Spider-Sense to keep him alert.

Can Spider-Man hold a cat????

A solid product, well designed and detailed, but it's just a shame that any charging cable would obscure Spidey's mask. Still, a nice purchase if you want to keep track of your controllers so they don't get trodden on or lost.

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