Call of Duty: Black Ops – First Details


Some news regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops, we bring you some of the first details of this game.

Visiting CoD studio Treyarch, USA Today has been demoed certain parts of Cold War-set game, and revealed some pretty exciting factoids. We’ve collated all the most exciting and important ones for you, and created a great big list of Everything You Need To Know.

Four-player co-op is confirmed.

You’ll play at least two characters in multiple international conflicts.

American and Russian black operatives have been consulted. Given the above points, we reckon that means you might play on both sides of the conflict

Exact setting  dates haven’t been revealed, but the game will play out over a long period of history.

As black ops teams were privy to superior intelligence and had free access to any equipmenent they wanted, weapons and ammo will be more varied this time around. A military crossbow has been confirmed so far, but it’s not just for sniping. CoD:BO (unfortunately aromatic acronym) allows on-the-fly ammo changes for some of its weapons, so the bow can also be fitted out with exploding arrows.

There’s also an AUG  assault rifle that will take multiple attachments.

The SR-71 Blackbird is the new AC-130. During one level, the recon plane is used to observe terrain from above, with the player directing the squad below with a pointer in order to help them avoid enemy Russian convoys. Immediately after this, you’ll take control of the squad on the ground.

Treyarch head Mark Lamia has said that the game is ‘epic in scope’, being focused around a story that ‘has meaning and character and will be multi-threaded’. Perhaps more of an indication that Treyarch will be giving the Cold War an ambiguous, mutli-sided treatment?

CoD: BO is using the same full-actor motion-capture technology as Avatar. That means that not just gestures, but whole performances are captured, right down to facial expressions and line delivery. Expect some serious emoting this time around.

It looks like Treyarch is following Modern Warfare’s lead in terms of big action movie set-pieces. Cliff-diving and rappelling through windows are already in.

Some really great news here, we’ll bring you more when it emerges.

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