Call of Duty UK Championship 2011 Hits London


If you think that you are good enough to take on the best Call of Duty gamers across the world, then you have a chance of doing so when the Call of Duty UK Championship 2011 hits Leicester Square, London on August 7th.

The Call of Duty UK Championship team are looking for the best of the best to take on the world and compete for the ultimate accolade as the best COD team on the planet. If you are selected to be part of the team, you will have an all expenses paid trip to L.A to compete against 31 other teams from all across the globe. Please be aware that this is for Xbox 360 gamers only.

The event takes place at Sound in Leicester Square, London on Sunday 7th August 2011, the UK qualifiers will take 128 hopeful gamers down to an elite 4 worthy of taking the UK’s “A-Game” across the pond for the LA finals. There are a limited amount of places for teams to enter available so you will have to be quick. Head over to the website for all the details and how to sign up by clicking here.


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