Can ProStroke Golf Tame Tiger?


Tiger Woods, one of, if not the biggest sportsman in the world produced one of the biggest news story of 2009, he returned for the Masters last week, but is set to take more time out.

While the real Tiger Woods is set to take time out, the virtual Tiger Woods doesn’t seem to have been effected by stories of infidelity, only the news that emerged earlier today, that ProStroke Golf: World Tour is ready to do battle with the Tiger Woods franchise once again.

Back in 2007, ProStroke Golf: World Tour made an appearance on the PS2, PSP and Xbox.

What made ProStroke Golf: World Tour decide to wait for another 3 years before venturing into the market to challenge EA’s Tiger Woods franchise?

I for one didn’t actually play ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007, but Jason Evangelho from had this to say:

While it lacked the visual flair of EA’s Tiger Woods series, it was an ambitious golf sim that allowed you to manage an array of details such as changing your swing plane by shifting your feet, tilting the club face, and several other minor touches that made it feel like a realistic round of golf.

The golf underdog even included a first-person shot view and a course designer, and while it took some getting used to over Tiger’s arcadey approach, it showed promise.

Thanks to Jason for that, so with this being said, ProStroke Golf: World Tour went to the opposite of the virtual golfing spectrum and prayed on elements of the game that EA’s Tiger Woods series ‘plays safe on’ – shifting your feet, shifting your weight, adjusting the angle of your club face, this all makes for that ultra realistic element, you want to control everything you can, we have all played golf and we all know that you cannot simply turn up, stand there and hit the ball, let alone driving the ball 300 yards down the fairway without taking into account all of the above.

This is something that the previous Tiger Woods games haven’t really concentrated on that hard, you can choose where you hit the ball, the power is negotiated via the downward movement of the right analog stick, the spin you put on the ball is then determined by rapidly tapping a button, all simple stuff, but it works and for that reason I think it’s why people choose to play the Tiger Woods games, you can pick up a copy and get playing straight away, without having to know a great deal about the game of golf.

Another difference was that of the graphics,

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 – PS2

ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007 – PS2

As you can see, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 was miles ahead of the competition graphically, how does that compare in 2010?

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 – PS3

ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2010 – PS3

That graphical gulf that was so obvious 3 years ago, has narrowed considerably, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 still has the graphical edge on ProStroke’s latest installment but that gap has closed and this brings ProStroke Golf back into contention when it comes to taking the ‘Green Jacket’ and being victorious in the battle to be king of the greens.

To round this post up, ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2010 has re-entered the market at exactly the right time, with many golf fans split due to Tiger’s misdemeanor, they may look for a new game to play, as parents, kids, may not want to associate themselves with the Tiger Woods brand, I for one, will buy and play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011, but I will also give ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2010 a go.

Also, with the news that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 is to feature Playstation 3 motion controller support – Tiger is 2 Up, with 15 holes to play.

To read what ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2010 has to offer, click here.

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