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Caniggia Confusion


Just a quick one to clear something up for the PES community.

Community legend Caniggia has posted up some information regarding pre-PES 2011 announcements on his blog (click here to visit). Being a Swedish site, the roughly translated text that has caused some excitement is:

If a week is the PES meeting in London. After that, we can expect a press release was relatively close at hand. Come back with more clues about PES 2011, when …

The confusion stems from some people thinking news is coming next week. The information Caniggia is trying to pass across is that PES 2011 planning is well underway, and this big meeting he’s aware of is the start of this cycle. Therefore, in his opinion, this means the press release isn’t too far away – but certainly not next week.

As everyone is aware, Caniggia is well respected in the industry and is certainly someone to believe. Fingers crossed he’s not far off the truth, and with the game announced 24 days from today last year, there’s every chance he’s right.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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