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Caniggia Explains PES 2009 Wii Admiration


Warning: Lots of man love for Greyhound after the jump!

First of all, a quick introduction to Caniggia for those who aren’t informed or are new to WENB. He has been an important friend to the blog and forum members over the years, providing accurate top secret information for the fans. Working in the industry, similarly to Riot, he uses his position to gain crucial info about the future of PES. Find his personal site on PES here: http://allsvenskanpes.blogg.se/.

OK, so now thats done, lets get to why the admiration for PES 2009 Wii has become a constant within all journos alike.

‘I am certain that this Wii version will be what people would have wanted in between PES 6 and the development of Next Gen PES’, Caniggia said to me in an email. It’s a bold statement, but I see what he means after playing the game recently. The excitement of playing a PES game that quite clearly doesnt suffer any technical flaw or inferiority complex was exhilarating. A feeling not felt for a while. But he went on, discussing the effect of Producer Akiyoshi ‘Greyhound’ Chosogabe and how it could be a sign of this to come:

‘…Greyhound was the one that made the most serious impression on me when we met in Rome. He also had most of the time in the spotlight at the presentation, although his game was not going to be released until half a year later! I can just say that if we want to talk about KONAMI being more open Greyhound showed signs of being part of a new era at KONAMI.’

But Caniggia’s not the only person to talk highly of Greyhound. Many of you guys will know Suff met him weeks before the launch of last years version, and he too was impressed. He always said to me ‘This man has a vision’, and it seems it has been realised. After such negativity surrounding the PES series in recent years, it seems one man has lifted it momentarily out of freefall. And his name isn’t Seabass.

It’s a shame then, that with very low interest from the PES community on this title many people will miss out on it’s brilliance. Make sure you’re not one of them.

Dave will be posting lots of info on PES 2009 Wii in the coming days, pop back for more convincing!

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