Capcom Did Consider DmC Co-Op


Capcom’s Alex Jones has revealed that their upcoming reboot, DmC almost featured a co-op mode.

Speaking to NowGamer, Alex Jones stated:

“We did think about it at the very beginning, when we were just blue sky thinking. Co-op play came up but I think the story that we wanted to tell would feel false unless Dante was alone in the world, That would detract from that element of the story that we wanted to tell.”

Japanese producer Motohide Eshiro also explained why the feature hadn’t made it in previous games:

“The thing about Devil May Cry is that it’s a stylish action game, where you’re trying to show off your moves, pull off combos and wow your friends. If you were trying to do that while playing with someone else, you could of course do that in whilst competing, but ultimately it would get in the way of you doing what you’re trying to do, When a bunch of enemies come out you want to kill them all and go for that SSS rank. If your friend waltzes in and gets one of the other enemies, your SSS goes down to an A because there just aren’t enough enemies to kill, so these aspects of co-op will probably interfere with Dante as a cool character who just comes in and kicks ass.”

Would you of liked DmC to feature Co-Op? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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