Capcom Working on Street Fighter V Server Issues


Capcom have today reassured players that server issues for Street Fighter V are continuously being worked on, with many issues now resolved.

Some of the issues that have been addressed include:


Matchmaking is now working as intended and users should be able to find online matches without much of a wait in both Ranked and Casual mode.

Battle Lounge

Playing in the same Battle Lounge for a set period of time renders players unable to participate in the lounge or matches. Many of the other issues with Battle Lounge have been resolved and users should be able to invite other players to their lounge. The team is still looking at this mode very closely and will continue to make improvements as we move into the weekend time frame.

Match Results

Some users have reported that their match results are not being sent to the server. In most cases, this is more or less a UI bug and your results along with your rewards will still be credited to your account.

If you are unsure if your match was recorded, check your battle log and if the match appears there, it will also be recorded on the server.

Replay Search

Some of the more recent replay data won’t be available immediately when searching the replay database but the team is working on making those replays available as soon as possible.

All of your personal replays are immediately available by going through your fighter profile. Other issues being addressed include:

  • Some user names don’t show up in Rival Search.
  • Some user names don’t display properly on battle results screen.
  • Ranking functionality isn’t working properly on the CFN.

They have also confirmed that the in-game store will open next month and rest assured all players who have been earning Fight Money from Day 1 will then be able to cash that in for additional content. Those who have already completed all of the single-player content will have enough Fight Money to receive the 17th character – Alex, for totally free.

Battle Lounge will also be updated so that players can expand their friend list. This decision was made so that servers are not put under further strain in the initial launch period. Be sure to let us know know your experience of Street Fighter V so far in the comment section below.

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