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Career Mode: FSB Needs You


As you may have realised due to our incessant hinting, Team FSB are off to play FIFA 12 again on Monday the 11th July in Guildford. But as well as updated gameplay code we’ll also be getting our hands on Career Mode, which we know you guys are all extremely keen to hear about. So with that in mind we’re going to open the floor to the FSB community and ask for your questions.

We want to know the top three things you want us to either investigate, look out for, or test when playing Career Mode. So hit the comments using a very simple 1), 2), 3) format and we’ll take these suggestions with us when we visit Guildford. Then once we’re back, we’ll do a big FIFASoccerBlog Q&A as we did after playing FIFA 12, earlier in the year.

**Disclaimer: We cannot answer questions about, player ratings, kits, boots, leagues and hair styles. Anything remotely related to licensing is a no, go area.**

We have some exclusive FIFA 12 Career Mode content dropping next Monday (11th) and we’re hoping to give you a timeline of events for that very soon.

Hit the comments, what do you want to know about FIFA 12’s Career Mode?