Castle of Illusion Preview


Remember those Disney titles that you adored and used to struggle on as a kid? Well Sega are bringing one of them back. More of a re imagining than a straight recreation, Sega have gone to great lengths to make this happen. From Mickey’s original voice actor, to the soundtrack being created by the original audio engineer for the first game, they have done their best to recreate the magic of the original while adding their own flair to proceedings and to be fair to them it shows. The charm is all there. From the cutesy idle animations to the floaty jump and the stern narration, it’s hard for it not to feel very Disney.

What is slightly surprising is the fact that its actually a bit of a challenge. I was fully expecting the difficulty of the title to be squashed to appeal to a new generation of lazy gamers, but all is well and good. quick reaction and precision jumping are a must if you want to avoid the pains of repeating sections. I can confirm that savepoints are available for the week willed though, but all in all you won’t completly the destroy the title if you desire a challenge. Infact, should you fondly remember the original level design enough, you might just find a few surprises.

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