Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 Revelations DLC Review


In this day and age downloadable content is increasingly becoming expected from major games, so it is no surprise to see Konami release a DLC portion for the latest edition of Castlevania.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 Revelations picks up where the main title finished. This time you take on the role of Alucar and we get to see what exploits he got up to while his father, Dracula, played out the scenes of the main game. I think the fact that the title of the DLC is named “Revelations” had a lot of people searching the answers to unanswered questions, however these same people will not be pleased by this release. Unfortunately, all it does is fill a small gap in the series that many people expected more from. It leaves way too much to be desired and does a bad job at satisfying the players. As the game reaches it’s climax you finally start to feel a bit of a boost, but by that time in the game, it is far too late and you’re left feeling deflated.

The combat however is an area where the game stands out. Alucard gives you many new abilities to try, allowing something different from the main game for players to play around with. This includes a time reversal ability that allows you to reform broken objects to help you progress through out the game. You will use this ability (plus two more) to fight battles and solve puzzles. The puzzles can however be unforgiving and if you can’t quite get it right, they will become tedious, quickly. In general though the combat is a shining point for the game, just like the main game. You will need to adapt though as Alucard and Dracula don’t quite feel the same when fighting and if you try to take on Alucard with out adjusting, you’ll find your self in trouble!


In all fairness, I suppose the Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 Revelations DLC really does stay consistent with the main title. The potential is there, but it never quite reaches its max level. You’re left feeling a bit empty really. Just like the main game, I had no real desire to really play it through in its entirety. It’s genuinely taken me a while to get this written as I have taken a lot of time to play the title and try and get to grips with it. In the end, I have just ended up disappointed with the main game and the DLC.


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