Champions of Anteria Announced for PC


Ubisoft have today announced a new real-time strategy PC title, Champions of Anteria.

They have also revealed that Champions of Anteria will be available PC owners on August 30th. This new game sees players immerse themselves in the magical fantasy land of Anteria, where they must strategically wield the powers of five champions to defeat enemies in order to reclaim the kingdom. Here is Ubisoft’s official description:

Players will command five champions, each skilled with using one main elemental power of water, fire, metal, nature or lightning. Players will pick three champions to fight each mission, strategically choosing the powers they will bring in battle to give them the upper hand on the field. Each element is even more powerful when used against the opposing power, players must carefully choose which element is the most effective against certain enemies and when they should order to retreat. The strategic combat system also uses active pause mechanics to help players take their time in battle, allowing them to pause the game at any time in order to adapt their play style and carefully plan their moves.

Freedom of choice is the key and players will choose their own path to victory in each round, where they must pick between freeing one of the surrounding territories and defending one from invasion. Between missions, the home base management system will allow players to train their champions and to craft powerful new gear.

Be sure to let us know if this sounds like your type of game in the comment section below.


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