Circle is Red, X is Blue…


On this special day, Will you be MY Player 2?

Sony’s PlayStation Gear store is one place that’s usually a decent place to pick up a ton of fun goodies, but with Valentine’s Day literally just around the corner, how about picking up something for that special co-op partner in your life?

There’s something for everyone, like the DualShock cufflinks to smarten up the man in your life!

How about the gorgeous vinyl set for Horizon Zero Dawn? A must-listen in wonderful analogue quality for a nice evening in front of the fire, away from the Frozen Wilds outside…

Maybe a Destiny 2 bath robe set will intrigue you? Take on the logo of the Guardians, or maybe even delve into the darkness of the Raid with these towelling robes:

What better way to sit down with a nice hot cuppa than to put your mugs on a coaster set? How about one adorned with the PlayStation buttons?

Of course, there’s always the GOREGOUS Studio Ghibli-esque artwork for The Last Guardian to hang on your wall and truly show off the meaning of companionship:

Or maybe there’s something else that tickles your fancy at the PlayStation Gear store? Show off any of your purchases with the hashtag #BeMyPlayer2 on Twitter, and be sure to tag us and @PlayStationUK into it as well!

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