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Classic PES For PSN/XBLA?


Let’s get the apology out the way first. No, classic PES has not been announced for either PSN or XBLA but I thought the headline would grab peoples attention, so sorry for misleading you guys.

What Konami are doing however is asking the question on their facebook page as to which classic Konami title from the past gamers would like to see on both PSN or XBLA. I figured that with so many saying they would love a remaster of a PES5, or a port of one of the Wii versions(with PS Move support) make it’s way onto either of the current-gen systems, this would be the perfect opportunity to make our feelings known. If they are asking, why not give them an answer in one unified voice and see if it gets us anywhere. It could be the perfect place to plant the idea in their heads short of us having to go through all those Inception shenanigans!

Spread the word and get lobbying!

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