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Story Of The Finals Match Day 1


Available through the Coca-Cola Zero Story of the Finals > 2010 South Africa World Cup Scenarios, then simply follow the prompts to download the scenarios from Match Day 1!

Match Day 1:
South Africa v Mexico
Score 1 – 1
Match time: 79th Minute
Minimum Difficulty: World Class
“Marquez has just scored for Mexico to rally back from a 1-0 deficit. South Africa carry the hopes of the nation in the first match. Can the hosts find a winner in the final 12 minutes?”

Uruguay v France
Score 0 – 0
Match Time 81st Minute
Minimum Difficulty: Semi-Pro
“Uruguay are down to 10 men after Lodeiro receives his 2nd yellow card for a tough challenge on Sagna. Can they hold on against a very good French side who are pressing for a win?”

Important Note: All Story of Finals Scenarios will require the latest Squads update. Please ensure that you’ve downloaded the update before playing any new scenarios.

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