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A few weeks back it was announced that EA were interested in returning to the original Command & Conquer. This was a reaction to the less than positive reaction to Command & Conquer Rivals, the free-to-Play mobile game headed to Android and iOS next month.

This was initially a passing comment about potentially looking into the franchise but today that has changed. EA has officially announced via Reddit, that they are working on a remaster of the original C&C. Not only that, but they’re also partnering with Petroglyph Games, a studio that houses many ex-Westwood Studios devs, some of which worked on the original games some 20 years ago.

So what’s the plan? Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn will be be remastered in 4k and playable on PC. And that’s not all. Command & Conquer: Red Alert will also be receiving the same treatment and will release alongside the Covert Ops, Counterstrike & Aftermath expansions, all in one package with no micro-transactions. Lemon Sky Studios are going to help achieve the 4k standard of the games with Petroglyph working on the core gameplay to ensure these games feel like a true Command & Conquer experience.

So that’s two original C&C games coming back in 4K, developed by old Westwood devs all with zero micro-transactions (hooray). But it wouldn’t be Red Alert without old Frank Klepacki though would it? Well, there’s good news on that front too as he is also returning to work on the score for the game. I can barely contain myself!

Development on the two titles has yet to begin so they’re both in their infancy sitting at the planning stage. But the team thought it best to involve the community from the get go to ensure they have their say on how the games turn out to be.

You can check out the full announcement over on Reddit.

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