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Community Dissects ML News!


Another case of the community going the extra mile to analyze and dissect any piece of information regarding PES 2010. Just when I was about to sit down with a cup of tea (yup, in a WENB mug) and pick out points from the pics, I realised the guys on the boards had beat me to it. Should have known!

First up is a great example of creativity, with forum member kreb making a video on how he envisages the menu system to work – using the screens released today!


Great Stuff!

After the jump, forum member Captain Flapjack has gone through the pics for us, pointing out all the tidbits of information for the rest of the community!

Transfer rumours and news at the top: SARIW eyes WE UNITED switch, JAROMTON is almost a…etc The date now includes the month instead of just weeks ‘1st half week2 Aug2010’. Team rank is 18, meaning at LEAST 18 teams in D2 league assuming that was the leagues last position team. Real currency obviously, and that should be teams budge. A hat icon with 23000 next to it…probably number of fans as some suggested.

New under office we see sponsor list, operating costs and news. Keeping Sponsorship aside (since we already have some details on it), I assume operating costs will include player transfers and maybe scouting, while news would probably be the full list of transfer rumours/completions.

Club house is now where you will spend your time tinkering with your team. The new inclusion of youth team is massive, although right now the actual facts regarding the depth and integration are unknown.

In this next one notice the icons above the highlighted player (they represent from left to right; injury, international duty,condition, and player status (likes or dislikes club) and to the right it now seems possible to choose between transferring or loaning out a player . Then below that is team in contact and team being watched, (detailing what teams are keeping an eye on the player).

And finally the sponsor which gives you its various conditions of negotiation. As it’s been said said earlier, the only thing ruining this one is ‘Finish 3th…’

A massive thanks to kreb and Captain Flapjack for the great work! Give us your feedback on the news by clicking here!

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