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Community Focus: Introducing W11 Online


Well, calling the title ‘re-introducing’ might be more accurate. W11 online actually was a site that first started up back in 2002, and since has developed and molded into quite a community. Running for 7 years, it has built a large and loyal following in that time – with content ranging from news to tournaments held by the staff. They also have a huge following on community portal Orkut, click here to see the page dedicated to the site.

After recent conversations on the boards with member Thiago (forum name Seabass!) completely through google translation, we’ve struck a strong partnership, and since have provided the Brazilian website with information to help the Portuguese-only speaking South American fans with news.

Going forward WENB hopes to continue this strong relationship with ThiagoRômulo, and site owner Andrew Maike, with the hope that news of upcoming PES games reaches all fans all over world!

Check out one of the original fansites, W11 online, by clicking here!

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