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Community Focus: Next Stop, Bulgaria!


Something we have always done here at WENB is try and promote PES websites from around the world, and give them the recognition they deserve. The latest addition to the family comes all the way from Bulgaria! PES-BG represents one of the biggest Bulgarian PES communities, and as you can tell from the screenshot of the site it doesn’t look bad either!

Being held in such a high status in its country the website facilities competitions like GOTM, and even runs it’s own PES league. Currently the site is working hard to be officially recognised by Konami, something they should achieve thanks to its unique location and audience, key sponsors and a fantastic looking site.

So for those who can understand the language head over to www.pes-bg.com and have a look. For others like me who haven’t got a clue just visit it to admire the view! And if you didn’t already know, huge PES community in Bulgaria!

Thanks to Etien for the heads up.

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