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Comprehensive Bundesliga Team Pack


The most complete Bundesliga team pack is here!

Huge thanks to Vinnie, and a combination of Johnson from the boards, and MASSIVE credit to the guys who run the Bundesliga creation thread on PESGaming.

As ever the file is created for the UK version of PES 2012, BLES 01406. People asking for other versions should check our editing section for help. Being based in the UK, our work is focused on that version.

The team pack includes (as written by Vinnie):

All 18 Bundesliga teams, (Bayern and Leverkusen have been added for the reasons below)

Almost every player has the correct appearance,(Only a few players are missing the right appearance)

Every player has the correct stats, as best I can make or adjust

Every player has the correct accessories, as best as I can fit to images I have with the boots etc in game.

Every team has the best formation and tactics I can find to give them

Every team has been given their real stadium name, and been allocated a default stadium as best I can fit.

Each team has been allocated the default German fan-chant, there is a MUSIC file in this download with around 500 fan-chants that I have been able to make/get hold of in the last few years.

Every team has the correct kit, I had added some third kits and alternative GK kits instead of the standard away or GK, to minimise clashes.

A few youngsters for Bayern and Leverkusen are missing but the DLC should sort this out!

I have used every player in the default PES league and a few left over from the Div. 2, once we finished the championship teams, so there shouldn’t be too much for people to do when importing but they are advised to keep some create player slots available just in case.

When the DLC arrives none of these players will need base copying, all in game players who have transferred to the Bundesliga have been base copied already and added using created players, so no one should disappear!

Download this awesome file by clicking here. For a guide on how to add team packs, click here and scroll to the bottom.

Huge thanks again to everyone involved!

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