Could we See the PS4 in 2013!?


According to an article at CVG, an insider from Sony has told them that the PlayStation 4 will get released across Europe in 2013, not 2014 as some reports would suggest.

The insider has said that PlayStation need to be more aggressive in the UK and Europe after losing out heavily in the battle with Microsoft last time around. This was largely due to the Xbox being available long before the PS3.

There are also fears surfacing that there will be a shortage of supply for the PS4. CVG’s insider has said that Sony are “prepared to do whatever it takes” in order to battle harder with Microsoft. Essentially, it would appear that the UK and Europe may be given higher priority for supply of the console than the likes of Japan.

Since Sony started to create consoles, Japan has always been considered a “safe” territory. Knowing that this region is as good as theirs, it makes sense to try and muscle in on the UK and Europe.

With both consoles potentially arriving on our shores this side of Christmas, we could be on the cusp of a battle that would rival Goku vs Frieza (or whichever battle you consider the most epic ever in terms of anything)!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source CVG

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