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Countdown Disappointment


No, not that Countdown – although since Richard Whiteley died and Carol Vorderman was fired it’s never been the same.

I’m talking about the new countdown on the official FIFA 10 site (see the article below). After much prodding and probing, a moderator on the official FIFA forums has made the following statement (forum post here):

The count down is referring to the Köln Gamescom event and is not the demo release date or the release date of the full game

This all stems from the fact that on the ENGLISH version of the site, it says “FIFA 10 kicks off in 75 days”, but on the GERMAN version it says “[FIFA 10] tested at Gamescom in Köln [in] 75 days”. That’s not the end of the story though; several EA forum dwellers discovered that the MEXICAN version of the official FIFA 10 site says “the demo of FIFA 10 can be downloaded in 75 days” (original forum post here):

Spanish is my first language and if [you] try [the official] Mexican [FIFA 10 site it] says [“El demo de FIFA 10 sera disponible en 75 dias”,] demo [available in] 75 days

EA have now confirmed that by “demo”, they are referring to the Gamescom event’s demo. It seems cruel to me to say in black and white “demo available in 75 days” when it’s referring to a demo that not many people will be able to play… But either way, 75 days is a long way away.

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