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Creation Centre Premium Content Detailed


Amidst the information released regarding the new Creation Centre features has been the problem of not knowing which features will be classed as “premium” and which will remain free. Until now…

The following details upgrades to existing components, as well as additions, which will be free.

Changes to Create A Player

  • All existing FIFA 11 Creation Centre options remain.
  • New 3d widget for player face creation.
  • Additional player appearance options including hairstyles, head shapes, eye colors, facial hair styles, skin tones and variations bringing the number of possible combinations from 400,000 in FIFA  11 to more than two billion for FIFA 12.
  • New branded boots.
  • Branded Gloves and Long pants option for Goalkeepers.
  • New attributes including contract length, international reputation and potential, for use in Career Mode.

Changes to Create A Team

  • All existing FIFA 11 Creation Centre options remain.
  • More team crest logo templates.
  • New branded kit templates.
  • Additional colours for team crests, and kit colors.
  • Option to choose primary, secondary, and tertiary colors separately for shirts, shorts and socks.
  • New attributes inclufing domestic and international prestige, and transfer budget, for use in Career Mode.
  • New and improved Squad interface.
  • Ability to upload a custom image to use as a team logo.
  • Ability to upload oone custom image for the front of shirts.

Create A Tournament (New!)

  • You can now create tournaments consisting of created teams, either your own or other publicly available teams.
  • There are three tournament types to choose from:
    • Knock Out
    • Group and Knock Outs
    • Leagues
  • Choose which trophy to present to the winner.

Not bad at all, so here are the caveats and limits:

  • Create up to 50 players
  • Create up to 50 teams
  • Create one tournament

Of those, you can have  50 players, 24 teams, and one tournament downloaded in game at any one time. There is no limit to the amount of times you can delete, recreate or download content in game or on the web, but the teams assigned in a tournament will count towards your team limit.

Here is the big one… Anyone can download anything created, premium or otherwise, for free, as long as it has been publicly published. I know a few people have been worried about premium content being locked to premium users so it’s a relief to have this confirmed. The premium side of premium content applies to creating and editing only.

Which leads us nicley on to what those premium options are. The below is a list of all editing packs that will be available to purchase.
PREMIUM Options:
Tournaments Pack
  • Allows you to upload custom images as the tournament logo.
  • Expands your Tournament allowance from 1 to 5, Both in game and on the web.

Career Mode Pack

  • Allows you to use downloaded Creation Centre teams in Career Mode.
  • Allows you to use a downloaded Creation Centre tournament (league type only) in Career Mode by selecting the league during New Career setup.

Teams Pack

  • Enables you to create an additional 50 teams, bringing your total from 50 to 100.
  • Increases your in game team storage allowance from 24 to 48.
  • Allows you to use custom images as team logos for all of your created teams.
  • Allows you to use custom images as shirt stamps for all of your created shirts.
Yet 10 More Pack
  • Increases your in game allowance by ten, taking it from 24 to 34.
Licensor Pack
  • Allows you to add any licensed players from the FIFA12 disk into your Created teams.
  • Allows you to add any licensed teams from the FIFA12 disk into your Created tournaments.
  • Allows you to use any licensed stadiums from the FIFA12 disk as the home ground for your Created teams.

*The above can only be added as is. They cannot be edited.

Serious Editor Pack

  • Create A Player
    • Allows you to assign secondary, tertiary, and fourth preferred positions to each player you create.
    • Enables additional hair colours.
  • Create A Team:
    • Lets you to edit a third kit for any teams you create.
    • Allows you to create custom formations.
  • Create A Tournament:
    • Allows you to edit which ball is used for custom tournaments.
    • Allows you to edit which color combinations are used in the broadcast graphics for your custom tournaments.

    All Packs-In-One

    You can also buy all of the above in one bundle at a discounted rate.

So there you have it. Everything we wanted to know about the Premium Content for Creation Centre. Well. Almost. We still don’t know how much it costs, but all of the above will be free to EA Season Ticket holders.

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