Creator of "Black" developing new FPS


I remember back when we were entering the next-gen era and it seemed like my PS2 had offered all it could. Then along came this game, what seemed like just another run-of-the-mill FPS. But how wrong was I. This new game reached the very peak of the PS2’s hardware and pushed it that little bit further. It offered graphics that were some of the best you can get on the PS2, incredibly crisp sound effects, but more than anything, it offered mind-blowing action that could not be found anywhere else at the time.

That game was Criterion’s Black.

Now Black did have its flaws, such as a lacklustre story and somewhat linear gameplay once you got pass a few levels. But still, it was a breath of fresh air for gamers as nothing was really taking the limelight at the time. Black was fresh, exciting and explosive when you played it for the first time and added some life to the PS2 as it was nearing the end of its era.

Now, 4 years later, Codemaster has revealed that they have a new IP planned and none other than Stuart Black (Yes, strange coincidence) will be behind it, the mastermind behind Black.

“Codemasters’ Guildford Studio is key to our overall development strategy and this year has opened further positions across its design, programming and art teams,” he said. “With Stuart Black directing the vision for our new IP in production, deployment of EGO and key development figures heading up a highly skilled team, our Guildford facility offers great potential for development talent based in the South East who want to join a growing studio and work on original titles.” 

It is exciting news, and we can only hope that we get a similar game to Black, except this time using the power of next-gen consoles. Can you imagine it.

Anyway, to read the full article from CVG, follow the link:

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