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Cruz Control In FIWC Final


That was a terrible headline pun, moving on. Francisco Cruz is the new FIWC Champion after a thrilling final in Los Angeles. After a stunning semi-final win against favourite Mark Azzi, Cruz went on to beat Javier Munoz in the final to net the cool 20,000USD grand prize and a ticket to the next Ballon d’Or Gala. Not too bad for a few games of FIFA eh?

A special mention goes to UK entrant Adam Winster who put in a brilliant performance to come 4th although the general feeling from LA was that he deserved to win his semi-final comfortably and in his own words, “that’s FIFA”. For full details of how it went down check out @AsimTanvirs Twitter timeline which details the exciting events as they unfolded.

Also, check out the official article on the FIWC website where there’s a gallery with pretty girls in too.

We”ll be bringing you an exclusive FIFA Soccer Blog FIWC Final gallery over the weekend.

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